10 Ways To Ensure Your Flyer Avoids The Bin

Flyers are an excellent, cost effective marketing tool that can help you to promote your event but they can often end up discarded. Here are 10 ways to avoid the bin and increase your flyer’s probability of being read:

  1. Handing out the flyer yourself can maximize your budget plus your personal enthusiasm and a friendly face can work wonders in making your flyer stand out. Delivery agents can sometimes be unreliable and are not as invested in your event as you are so don’t blow it with distribution.
  2. Give them a reason to hold onto the flyer. You can include a promotion, discount or coupon in the copy that they have to present in order to redeem the offer.
  3. Bring the tools to pin the flyer up if you are posting it in an establishment. Don’t count on the business owner to supply you with thumb tacks. Offer to put the flyer up for them before you leave. If you leave it up to them, they’ll likely never do it.
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