What are your guidelines?

All content is free to use for your publication. Please avoid making changes to the copy, including removal of references to products and services associated with specific brands. You must retain the Writer's Element attribution so that our monitoring services can identify our content and verify that you are authorized to publish. Note: Images associated with an article can be published only as an accompaniment to the article’s text. Any other use is prohibited.

Is there any cost involved when we publish an article?

All articles and photos are free to download and use to for purposes outlined below:

  • Social Media: You may link to our article directly from social media by simply clicking one of our Share buttons or copy the content to your own site and share from there, make sure to give credit to Writer's Element.
  • Print: You may print our articles in your publication, provided that you give credit to Writers Element.
  • Blog/Website: You may copy our articles (links and adverts must stay intact) to your blog or some other area of your website to share with your visitors.
  • Other: Please email inquiry@writerselement.ca if you would like to use our articles on an outlet not listed here.
  • Do I need to send tear sheets?

    Writer's Element does not require tear sheets to be sent back to us when you publish an article. We try to keep our service easy and convenient. However, we appreciate any tear sheets we do receive, so please feel free to send them to: publishing@writerselement.ca

    To publish our articles, you must complete a brief online login form. All information will be kept confidential. On subsequent visits, members will have immediate access after logging in.

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